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Nancy Hands

A bar-restaurant in Dublin, Ireland 

Poster, Trifold, & Logo 


Design for Print

Dominic O'Sullivan




During the lockdown restrictions the owner of the place wanted to keep engaged with the loyal customers as well to build new relationships with new customers. His idea was to hold an online Whiskey Tasting but didn't have at the beginning a clear idea of how he would like to communicate the message.

Design process:

  • Research

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Delivery


Project Requirements:

  • I had to identify the purpose of the content, define the audience and the audience needs.

  • Comps of few ideas requested at the beginning  due to the fact that the client  wasn't sure of what promotional materials he wanted.

  • As well the client requested to make a final revision.

  • Client requested mockups of the final project. 

The Outcome:

  • ​I had to simplify the Logo so I could use it as an Icon in the Trifold.

  • During the discussions with the client I suggested to include the story of Nancy and how the restaurant  started.

  • Based on the target audience I designed the Poster and the Trifold giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. 

The Impact:

After designing the Poster and the Trifold 44 customers subscribed for the first Whiskey Tasting which brought a gross of €1980. The owner was delighted with the result and decided to repeat the event  for the rest of the summer.

Nancy Hands Window Poster Mockup.png


Nancy Hands Trifold 1-01.png
Flyer Print-03.png


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