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The Beauty Spot

A beauty salon in Bucharest, Romania

Logo, Business Cards, Flyer, Price List, & Opening Hours Schedule


Identity & Branding, Print

Sorina Surcica


Briefing: The salon was just opened and didn't have a clientele formed. The logo had to be sleek and modern, to stand out and to attract attention from far away. Brand to be inspired by splashes of mixed color yet to maintain an elegant look. The owner was delighted with the result and commissioned me to design the Business Cards, Promotional Fliers, Price List and The Opening Hours Scheduler for the window.

Design process:

  • Research

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Delivery

Project Requirements:

  • A clear understanding of the target audience, their lifestyle, needs and aspirations.

  • The appropriate way to communicate to them visually.

  • The salon had to compete for attention for this reason the design elements had to have strong impact on the customer.

  • The client requested comps of few ideas to be reviewed and then resubmitted with feedback.

  • As well the client requested to make a final revision.

  • Client requested mockups of the final project. 


  • Brand Identity 

  • Standing out from the crowd

  • Unique selling points



  • The client didn't gave enough time for the projects.

  • As well the client was constantly asking changes on the text content.



  • To answer the original brief.

  • Keeping to budget.


The Beauty Spot Price List 1.png

Price List

Business Card

Business card 2-02.png
The Beauty Spot Flyer mockup 1.png

Promotional Flyer

Opening Hours Scheduler

The Beauty Spot Opening Hours  Glossy Wall Mockup.png

Design & Innovation

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